International Vocational Education and Training Development

Well-founded information is an important foundation for successful action. Whether project planning, execution or evaluation, the continuous, independent and qualified monitoring and advice is essential to sustainable success.

We support you with:

  • Clarification of needs and formulation of goals
  • Curricula Development
  • Exam Development
  • Training material Development
  • Implementation of training structures
  • Methodical and didactic coach training common or customer specific
  • Examiners training Question style, Evaluation, Sequence and Rules of exams, e.g.
  • Implementation of methodology and content for the whole project and 1 to 1
  • Support for development of company internal sustainability structures according the implemented entity
  • Organisation and Mentoring of the whole process
  • Advise and Guidance for the certification process according AHK/DIHK
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