Systemic Family and Personality Constellations

Systemic constellations are a method that can expose entrenched behaviors and old emotional imprints. These and other systemic causes often unconsciously lead to situations that lead to considerable burdens and difficulties both privately and professionally.

Through a systemic set-up, the mostly hidden network of relationships can be presented and made tangible. This makes it possible to reveal previously unrecognized causes and thus to create and anchor new perspectives and thus possibilities for action.

Couple relationships and families are the foundation of our daily lives. The systemic work is an effective tool to uncover the manifold entanglements and dynamics, and thus to create space and power for new developments.

Systemic Family Constellations are helpful in:

  • Problems in relationships, separations and new beginnings
  • Interpersonal relationships in and out of the family
  • abnormalities in one's own children
  • Mental and physical disorders
  • Difficulties in everyday situations
  • Professional difficulties

A one-to-one coaching with an individual appointment guarantees a respectful and respectful framework in which no information comes to the outside, thus allowing very personal steps to be taken.

Constellations in a small group on seminar days allow participation as:

  • Client with own concern
  • Person without his own request, assuming the role of substitute
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